Affiliate Cash Overlay

Affiliate Cash Overlay
Worlds coolest affiliate bridge page alternative!

Who is this for?


What is it?

WordPress plugin for generating “overlay” looking bridge pages.

What does it do?

Instead of spending a lot of time creating bridge pages for affiliate promotions,
the Affiliate Cash Overlay converts a video and a screenshot into an overlay effect, that
affiliates can use as a bridge page!

How does it work?

So you have an affiliate link, and you want to setup a page to start
promoting it. All you need is two images.

STEP 1. Screenshot: Screen Shot of the destination webpage (the offer page, where you are sending traffic)

STEP 2. Promo Video: Your promotion video. This can be a product review or promotion, bonuses, a personal note, an article, or just about any promotion video you want to your audience to see before they get on the offer page!

Pop these into the Affiliate Cash Overlay, and create a stunning video overlay effect!

Why would anyone use it?

There is a proven strategy connected to this new tool…

…Sending people directly to an affiliate offer, is not recommended in todays
affiliate marketing. As a result, most people get stuck with the time consuming
task of creating bridge pages, with pre-offer content and bonus pages.

By using Affiliate Cash Overlay, you can generate overlay bridge pages, that
take only a fraction of the time (less than a minute!), and can deliver a higher
conversion result, compared to a traditional bridge page.

As a bonus, the Affiliate Cash Overlays look fresh and exciting. With great
potential for improved results.

Some Benefits

  • Radically reduce workload and time in setting up an affiliate promotion
  • Enables you to create bridge pages on your website in less than a minute!
  • Affiliate productivity booster.
  • Fast system to use ready made content to promote affiliate offers.
  • Something new fresh for affiliates!

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